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The Mekong Restaurant is the definition of a family business. In 1987, Dan and Kit Truong along with the help of the Truong family opened the Mekong in a small space overlooking “The Sails”.  They had a tremendous opening year serving Vietnamese food to summer tourists that flocked into town. However, local Okanagan residents were not adopting quickly to this foreign exotic flavor. As such, Dan and Kit knew they needed to cater more to the local crowd. That same winter, Kit traveled solo to Paris, France to study under his Uncle in a Golden Chopsticks awarded restaurant. Shortly afterward, in spring of 1988, The Mekong relaunched with a newly revamped menu serving authentic Chinese cuisine while still retaining a selection of Vietnamese family recipes.


As word spread about the Mekong restaurant’s new Chinese cuisine, business boomed! After nearly 10 years of long line-ups, Dan knew the only way to continue thriving was to acquire some much needed space. In 1998, Dan found the perfect new location and they moved into a spacious building on Harvey at Gordon connected to the Kelowna Inn and Suites. The new location seats up to 171 in the main dining rooms and also contain a 100 seat banquet hall on the second floor opening up rental meeting and event space.


Going into their 29th year, the Mekong restaurant continues to be owned and operated by the Truong family at the same location. Business is still thriving and the next generation has recently returned to keep the family tradition alive.


Henry is making sure to keep all the favourites Kelowna residents have grown up with


With Kit’s recent retirement, Dan’s son Henry has returned from a decade long hiatus in Vancouver, BC. Henry spent the last year training under his uncle Kit. He has diligently learned the family recipes and techniques, and is bringing his own vision and style forward. His focus is to bring a fresh vibe to the existing menu, from modern plating and styles, to adding a splash of fresh herbs to liven up existing dishes, even crafting his own pickled garnishes and chili oils.

As with all good things, changes take time. Henry is making sure to keep all the favourites which Kelowna residents have grown up with. But rest assured, you can expect some fresh and modern twists to the traditional dishes from all parts of China and Vietnam.

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